Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Naukuchia Taal

If you ever have the urge to see mountain lakes in and around Delhi then Nainital would have definitely crossed your radar. Over the years it has become a favourite of many travellers. However, popularity comes with its own excess baggage. The city has, as some tourist put it, "has become very commercial". In fact recently the place clocked 10,000 vehicles  coming into the city in a day, most of which run on diesel. The air gets heavy with diesel fumes and takes charm of the city away. The same is true for Bhimtal. A trick is to avoid the rush is to visit during the off season .

However, if you are in the mood to experience a laid-back sleepy town with beautiful lakes, simple food and great scenery perhaps you can direct your attention to Naukuchia Taal. It has a lot to offer and is reflective less crowded compared to the lakes in the vicinity. There is plenty of opportunity to go boating, kayaking and even do some hiking. Or if you are in the mood to just relax just hire a boat and let someone else do the rowing.

Extended Exposure at Sattal
WaterfallAnother place you could add to your itinerary is Sattal. This lake also does not attract as many visitors as Nainital though during peak season it is as crowed as any place. Visiting during the winters gives you an advantage. There are some hiking trails where you can find some exotic birds of the Himalayas. It is a birders paradise. There are many birding camps in and around the place. If you take the time you can even catch the waterfall nearby. During summers you will find locals and tourist alike taking a cool shower in the waterfall 

One favourite destination of birders is Pangot. The place is very popular among birders but not so popular among others. If you like photographing landscapes exotic birds or simply just relax this could be a destination worth considering. A word of caution. There has been increasing human expansion in and around the lakes. This has caused some of the forest cover to be degraded. The forest is also home to many leopards and have been sighted near human settlement. 

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